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Introduction to The Magic of Stories book

MagicofStoriesCoverThe Magic of Stories is part of Electric Eclectic Books.

Stories are wonderful, they weave magical threads that draw you into a world different from your own. We all need escapism and many, like me, like to do this with a good book.

I’ve always said stories are not just fictional.  True life tales can be just as fascinating. I love hearing about people’s passions, what they love, what they believe, their families, and their memories. Stories are all around us every day.

In The Magic of Stories book, I have collected material written over the years, which include poetry, shorts, and flash fiction, each telling a tale.


Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 17.43.03Last year, I read a book called Undressed by Karina Kantas. It’s a collection of poetry, prose, flash and short fiction. Although I loved reading all the stories, there was something else that made it special. For most of them, she explains her reasons for writing it, or a fascinating snippet of how it came to be.

I’ve never seen this done before and found it added another dimension to the book. So, this is what I’ve done with mine. Knowing how a story originated makes it an even more interesting read.

Karina has kindly offered to give my readers a copy for free. I highly recommend you grab it and add it to your reading list. All details of how to get it are in The Magic of Stories book.

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There are several posts to accompany the stories in this book. All the links are below, but the best way is to read the book, and if you do, I would be grateful of a review on Amazon.





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