The Carrero Series by Leanne Marshall



Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Women’s Fiction


EMMA ANDERSON has everything in her life worked out.

She has a perfect job in a Manhattan empire, allowing her to live a quiet, organised and safe existence. A necessity after a childhood filled with abuse, bad memories, and a mother who was less than useless.

She’s worked hard to get where she is – and she has just landed an amazing promotion.

But it comes with a problem – and one that could derail everything she thought she needed in her life.

Emma’s new role is as the right-hand man for billionaire playboy JAKE CARRERO. He’s exactly the type of person who could drive her crazy – and not in a good way.

Chalk and cheese – he is everything she’s not. Compulsive, dominant and confident, with a seriously laid-back attitude to casual sex and dating.

Jake is the only one with the ability to steamroll over Emma’s manicured, ice maiden exterior. But Emma has no desire to let anyone close enough to hurt her again.

Jake needs to show Emma that even someone like him can change when that one girl that matters walks into your life.

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The ninth book in the very popular Carrero Series is released today, and I’m starting by featuring book one because we need a place to start and this is where the story begins.

Ninety-two reviews on Amazon tell you how good this book is, and I’m sorry to say I haven’t read it yet but upon reading the description, I intend to. In fact, I’m pretty sure it is already on my Kindle.

For a nineth book to come out, the series has many fans. I’ve seen these books around Facebook, and I am also a Pict Publishing author, so know of Leanne Marshall whose is a founder of Pict.

This morning, I came across this really lovely post by avid Carrero Series reader and fan, Sue Barker.

Today is a special day for the boss Leanne Marshall, as her ninth Carrero Series book is released 🍾🎉🎊

About a year ago I was recommended her book The Carrero Effect ~ The Promotion. My friend had joked that I would be addicted and she wasn’t kidding!

Filled with strong characters, especially Emma, and so many twists and surprises (I’m sure my first message to Leanne was just WTF!) I greedily consumed the whole series avidly.

As well as reading some fabulous books, I became part of the Carrero Mafia, and have enjoyed making many friends. It has been a huge pleasure to support Leanne along the way and to find out how much work, stress and effort goes into producing a book.

Honestly I am in complete awe of all you authors!

So congratulations lovely 😊
Enjoy your special day🥰📖
And when is book ten going to be ready? 😉

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So why not begin with book one and see just what effect this has one you!

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