Don’t Look it up First!!

I’m delighted to share these wonderful words of wisdom by writer Joni Martins. They made me chuckle, as how many times have you done this?

Just came across a fun picture I thought I would share.

As you may be aware, I’m currently still working on ‘Diary of a Female GP’. This is nearing completion, albeit slowly. The book is based on the real-life experiences of a very close friend who worked as a GP. Although the stories have been changed slightly, the names are different and some of them have simply been chucked together, similar things have come across her path.

When I saw the image below, I just had to share it with you. It also reminded me of the mug her husband gave to her recently. It said: “Please don’t confuse your Google Search with my Medical Degree”.

And I can see how that could be annoying. Imagine John going to the GP after doing a search on the internet of his symptoms. He has had an itch on his scalp for a few days (he also has three young children in primary school who incidently also have been scratching their scalps but he has not taken this into consideration).

Guess what? His symptoms have now made him convinced, after the Google Search, he is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

It takes his GP a long time to convince him, after finding out the kids are scratching their heads too and head lice is rife at school once more, that John has picked up head lice from his kids. Even after the GP has confirmed the diagnosis by seeing the nits on his hair and scalp, John still needs convincing and reassurance there is no need to be referred to a neurologist to rule out Multiple Sclerosis. Still convinced the Google Search must be correct (the internet is always right, right?), John only agrees after the GP has reassured him he can come back if the symptoms don’t improve after treatment of the head lice.

I hope I have not made you scratch your head now with this story. Often people start scratching their head when you tell these stories. I also hope I have not made you paranoid now you may have head lice!???!! 😂😜😉😉

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