Romance, Thriller

Joni Martin, Friends, Family & Love Series

Genre: Mystery/Romance


When an obsessive admirer takes love to a whole new level, life takes a bizarre turn for 24-year old Lydia. She finds it difficult to adjust to and escape her new circumstances.

Her housemate Rob becomes more and more concerned about her when she does not return home from a night out with her friends and tries everything in his power to find out where she is.

Can Lydia escape the clutches of her obsessed admirer or will she be forced to adjust to living her life according to Sam’s beliefs and wishes?

Books the Friends, Family and Love series:

  1. Captive Love
  2. Freed Love 18+ / Freed Love censored
  3. Hidden Love
  4. Lost Love
  5. Holiday Love (due out August 2018)

This is the debut novel of this writer and weaves together love, suspense and psychological factors. If you like books by Karen Rose, Karin Slaughter and Kathy Reichs (some of the author’s favourite authors), you may wish to check this writer out as well.

Karen’s Magic Review

This is a story about a guy who falls in love with a girl except he is obsessive and thinks that she will love him back. He want to set up house with her and live together happily ever after as she becomes his little wifey, cooking and cleaning and caring for him.

Of course, it is all in his head and the twist in the story is that he spikes her drink and kidnaps her and imprisons her in his basement.

The chapters are then divided into different first person viewpoints. We go into the main character, Lydia first and what she feels waking up tied to bed and not knowing where she is. She copes very well as I’d go balistic.

Then we move to Sam, her kidnapper and it is interesting to see what is running through his mind as he prepares to bring her home. He is totally irrational, of course. It makes interesting reading.

Finally, we go to Rob, Lydia’s flatmate. Here we go through the motions of him discovering she hasn’t come home, and checking with her friends and family.

I particularly liked the short chapters and felt like I was moving through the book quickly. It could have been a gory book but it wasn’t. it was all told in a without frightening scenes, all kind of matter of factly. In other words, anyone can read it and enjoy the fascinating insight into the minds of others, especially the psychotic Sam.

It is a good easy read. I will get to read the others soon, and am intrigued with the second which is an 18+ version.

Who is Joni Martins?

Joni, I met on a group that shares each other’s tweets on Twitter. She has the most glum and sad profile photo I have ever seen, and I thought it was an old fashioned photo she had got from somewhere. To my embarrassment she said, no that’s me. Luckily, she comes across as nothing like her photo suggests. She is very friendly and helpful and seemed to laugh at my faux pas. She uses it like that to keep her identity fairly private.

She was born in the Netherlands and now lives in the United Kingdom with her family. That’s why you will see on her Amazon page that her books are also available in Dutch.

Joni has always loved writing  but couldn’t do it while working full time, so now she has retired she can focus on it. Like me, she is a multi-genre writer, and I can tell in the book I read how there is a bit of romance, a bit of mystery, and crime. It makes it far more interesting when it is mixed up like that.

You can follow her on her blog and follow her on Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Joni Martin, Friends, Family & Love Series”

  1. Thank you so much for writing this lovely review, Karen. Much appreciated. And yes, I did have to laugh about what you felt was a faux-pas. Still young at only 55, and certainly not a grumpy person, lol. Unfortunately, writing again is on the backburner since I now have a full-time job again. I won’t stop writing, though!




      1. You certainly did and smiles are valuable. They make us feel happier and content. It shows in our posture, face and works as a chain reaction for others. You can’t help smile back when someone smiles at you.

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