Horror, Psychological, Thriller

Three Floors Up by Paul White

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 19.34.55Genre: Psychological


Three Floors Up is the story of one man’s psychosis and its effects on all who enter his world, and why the ones he chooses never leave.

This is a tale of dark doings, of murder and distorted perceptions.

Not to be read by the faint of heart.


Karen’s Review

Told in the first person, our main character tells the story of the place where he lives and it is three floors up. He gets a great view of the street below and even has a street lamp to get a good view in the dark.

The reader starts off by thinking this is a good man helping out people in distress and he tells the story of Caroline, the first girl he ‘helped’. Then as the story progresses, the macabre takes over and it becomes chilling.

I dare you to read it!

Electric Eclectic books are a great way to find new authors. These novellas are especially for people who love to read, but perhaps don’t have a lot of time. I read this in and eventing. Although creeped out, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know I will be reading another Electric Eclectic book by this author.

Please add this book to your Goodreads To Read Shelf.

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This book has been reviewed on Dark Realm Diaries. You will love Michael J Elliott’s review.

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