Crime, Thriller

Old Habits by Elizabeth Horton Newton

Genre: Crime/Horror


Gaunt Thibideaux is a man of habits. You know what they say; old habits die hard. Some habits are good, some are bad, and some are just plain unique. What happens when one person’s habit impacts the lives of others?

Karen Magic Review

Gaunt Thibideaux is great name for a main character, although I am loathed to call him a hero. He is a thoroughly odd character, although quite absorbing as you wonder about who he is. You do get to know pretty quick that he is a odd ball.

It’s his habits that we follow as we hear about his children and family, none of it very good and you can see how the author is laying a base for what is to come. Gaunt ends up working in a diner as a cook, and for a while looks like a regular guy, at least to all those that knew him.

I loved the feel of this story, it sort of reminded me of those laid back American films, set in small towns where everyone knows each other – or thinks they do. A place where the heat of the summer bakes down and makes life slow, creating an atmosphere that you believe you know what is going on, too.  Only you don’t, this is where evil lives and the horror of it gradually begins to seep out.

Electric Eclectic books are a great way to find new authors. These novellas are especially for people who love to read, but perhaps don’t have a lot of time. I read this in and eventing. Although creeped out, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know I will be reading another Electric Eclectic book by this author.

Please add this book to your Goodreads To Read Shelf.

Elizabeth Horton-Newton is a really good writer, with a varied spectrum of stories. The book I read from her was View From the Sixth Floor. I loved that book and you can read my review of it here.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 14.28.54

I also loved Riddle and my review of that one can be found here. Don’t you just love it when you read a book and a year later you come across that book and suddenly you start remembering elements of the story. With this one, the first thing that came to mind, of all things, was the travelling between the the mill and the apartment. Bit random, but there you go!

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