Be The Best You Can Be

I was chatting to a friend about his book’s presence on Amazon. He’d had no sales, no reviews and the book wasn’t doing anything. So I said I would look it over.

The first thing I noticed was his book description. It was very wordy and just looked like a block of text. He was told this was the right way to do it.

As a reader, I don’t want to read huge amounts of text; I’m looking for words that will grab me, and make me curious enough to want to buy.

I rewrote his description taking some key words and broke it down into three paragraphs. He like what I had done and changed the wording to suit his book and reposted. It immediately looked much better.

The other thing I noticed was there were no tag words and nothing telling me what genre the book was. It is important to include these as readers still search for the type of the book they want to read.

The author was surprised; he said he had already done this. So do check your book on Amazon to make sure each one shows what genre it belongs to.

I’d recently come across another author whose description on Amazon was in a sorry state. Again, there were no paragraphs, sentences that started with a lower case letter, commas in the wrong place and overall too wordy. In order to have a good description it needs to be straight to the point. It should grab the reader straight off. Plus, a bad description, no search criteria and a poor cover makes it look unprofessional and your book deserves to be the best it can be.

Use some of the keywords you have added when you set up your book in the book description, as this will help bring up your book when readers search.

If you need another eye casting over yours, have a look at The Exchange above.

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