Don’t Fight Facebook!

I was talking to someone about their book and told how I was mentioned on their Facebook author page. I asked for the link to see it. I was surprised to find that I had already liked the page. I scrolled down, saw the post, and noticed there were many more posts I’d never seen. None of them had shown up in my newsfeed.

Another author posted on her personal profile that she tries not to think about the ‘reach’ that shows on her author page. She said her last post only reached 9 of the hundred of people that had liked her page. I immediately thought, what about mine? Am I talking to myself? Are we all talking to ourselves come to that?

On the menu of your Facebook profile page, there is a list and under Explore, I selected Pages.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11.04.24

Clicking on it brought up all the Pages I manage.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11.04.38

The menu on the top gave me several options. (See above) I chose Liked Pages. I had read that I could see all my page feeds here, and assumed it would be like my newsfeed. It isn’t. If I want to see my page feeds I would have to visit everyone individually. That isn’t feasible.

By the same token, how many friends do you have on your profile? It would be impossible to see every one of those status updates, so Facebook kindly select which ones they think you should see. How else would it give you that choice? There are only so many ways to display it. If I were to see every one of my friends, I would be on Facebook far too long to hold my interest. So that isn’t feasible.

Because many of us have had our Facebook profiles for a long time, we feel we own them. After all, the content is personal to us. Think of it as renting a stall at the local market, except we pay no rent. We get it for free and can show what we like to any passing trade.

Pages, are shop fronts for our businesses and just like a regular a shop in town. People don’t visit it unless they are invited or come browsing.

Authors, me included, have created our Facebook pages for our ‘business’ and expect it to run like our newsfeed. We fill it with content that nobody sees. What criteria Facebook uses to bring in the occasional customer, I don’t know, but it gives a false impression. Why isn’t everyone else seeing it, we ask. Well, because you haven’t told them what you have inside.

Facebook will suggest you take up adverts to bring in more customers and it’s easy to forget this is their business. Like any business they are in it to make money and they have given us a shop space for free. They’ve even given us a personal space for free, too. So no wonder, they don’t like us plying our trade outside the shop and setting it up a retail store in the street that is our newfeed.

So in essence, we have to change the way we work, or rather try and use Facebook in the way they want us.

What can you do? Here are some key points to think about:

  • Whatever we do in our ‘shop’ no one will see it unless we invite him or her inside.
  • We need to advertise what is in there and we can’t do it on our personal profile because that’s against the rules.
  • You can’t blatantly sell, but you can advertise your page. So with a bit of expertise you have to invite them in for every post.
  • This means every post you do, has to be worth their while or they won’t stop by to browse.
  • You can advertise your shop on other Social Media platforms drawing them into your Facebook page.
  • You could stock your shop with links to your website where you have more freedom to show off your ware.
  • Open a group, where all members do see the posts. Lure them in by good page posts.
  • The more interaction you get on your page, likes, shares, comments, will get it shown to more people.
  • Check your page insights to see what posts work better than others.
  • Or you could close your Page altogether and relocate to somewhere else. Invite people from your Facebook profile, but be careful not to ‘sell’ to them.

Business can be stressful as we try to sell our ware, keep it interesting, and try to find the right people who are interested in what you do. Adding to that the stress of making Facebook do what its not designed to do, is not what you need. Use it to your advantage and don’t fight against it. Put your energy into your business instead.

I can help with with the exposure of your book for the price of purchasing one of my books, and prices start at 99p. Check out The Exchange on the menudo follow this link.

Please feel free to comment, as I would love to hear your thoughts about this.

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