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Electric Eclectic Books



Electric Eclectic is a global marketing brand and aimed to introduce you to new authors. Many of EE books are priced the same at £1/$1 and the most interesting things about them is that they are novellas and can be anything up to 20K words. This means they are ideal for that train journey, beach read, or you just want a quick read to entertain you.

Electric Eclectic is a great way to find your ‘next favourite book’ and ‘new authors’ to follow. So why not treat yourself to an Electric Eclectic book and see for yourself.

Please add any or all of these titles on to your Goodreads To Read shelf and let everyone know about these unique reads.

Dark at the Top of the Stairs – Elizabeth Newton Horton
Chantilly Lace by Ian Welch
North to Maynard by Paul White
One Christmas by Karen J Mossman
Miriam’s Hex by Paul White
Ambergris by Rush Learming
Seed Money by Neil Douglas Newton
Three Floors Up by Paul White
Old Habit by Elizabeth Newton Horton
Operation Debt Recovery by Ian Welch
Distant Time b y Karen J Mossman
Mechanical Mike by Paul White

Chaconne by Neil Douglas Newton
April Showers by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Visit the website where you can read an eclectic mix of blog posts. If you are a writer who is interested in joining, please contact us.

Come and join the Electric Eclectic Facebook Group.

It will be an exciting year for Electric Eclectic as many more books are being released.

What is an Electric Eclectic book for an author?  Author Paul White explains his brain child.
Read more about Electric Eclectic and the authors
Check our thriller writer Ian G Welch’s site. He has two Electric Eclectic books.


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