Psychological, Thriller

Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 10.39.31Genre: Mystery/Psychological/Thriller


Two sisters go missing.
Only one returns.

We believe what we want to believe. We believe what we need to believe.

When my sister and I disappeared three years ago, they found Emma’s car at the beach. Some people believed she had gone there to find a party or meet a friend who never showed. They believed that she’d gone for a swim. They believed that she’d drowned. Maybe by accident. Maybe a suicide.

Everyone believed Emma was dead.

As for me, well – it was not as simple as that.

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Karen’s Magic Review

I came across the book on a blog, the reviewer loved it and the description sounded just the sort of book that would intrigue me. On Amazon, the reviews are good with only a couple that said it was slow.

The chapters are set between Cass, one of the missing sisters, and told in the first person, and Abby, an FBI doctor sent to investigate and written in the third person, or it could even have been in the second person.

I found it difficult to latch on to the main character, I’m not even totally sure which was the main character. I like to associate with the lead in my books, almost become them, or at least like them and sympathise with them. I could do neither with these two.

The author is a clever writer and did a lot of research into her subject matter and it showed. The story line was good, but I found myself skipping through the long narratives. At several points in the story, I wasn’t even sure I was enjoying the book, I didn’t like the style very much. The only thing that compelled me to keep going was that I wanted to know what had really happened.

This book could very well end up as a film and, it reminded me very much of The Girl on The Train, Appletree Yard, and Gone Girl. As in the latter, I think the story should have ended earlier.

It would be interesting to know what you think if you have read it.

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