Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Appetite for Innocence by Lucinda Berry

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 10.57.07Genre: Thriller/Psychological/Crime/Mystery


Be careful what you post online. Your next check-in might lead him right to you…

A serial rapist is kidnapping teenage girls. But he’s not interested in just any teenage girls—only virgins. He hunts them by following their status updates and check-ins on social media. Once he’s captured them, they’re locked away in his sound-proof basement until they’re groomed and ready. He throws them away like pieces of trash after he’s stolen their innocence. Nobody escapes alive.

Until Ella.

Ella risks it all to escape, setting herself and the other girls free. But only Sarah—the girl whose been captive the longest—gets out with her. The girls are hospitalized and surrounded by FBI agents who will stop at nothing to find the man responsible. Ella and Sarah are the key to their investigation, but Sarah’s hiding something and it isn’t long before Ella discovers her nightmare is far from over.

Fans of The Butterfly Garden and The Girl Before will devour Appetite for Innocence

Warning: Contains sexual violence which may be a trigger for some readers.

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Karen’s Magic Review

This has been on my Kindle a long time. I’m fairly certain I won it or downloaded it at a Facebook Event.

As is the case, the more I downloaded the further back the book went until I didn’t see it anymore. As I often shuffle through and think I’m not buying any more till I read what I have, I passed it by. I thought it was an erotica book! I have to be in the mood to read those. So when I was looking for something to read, I saw it again and thought, what’s this?

Wow, this was my kind of book and I can’t understand how I missed it. I didn’t know until I started reading that it was a psychological thriller. It’s about a serial rapist who grooms girls for his own pleasure, but it was different from what you would expect.

The story was written from the first person viewpoint of Ella, the main character, and from Sarah, two of the girls kept a prisoner in a basement. It also switched from then and now. As you read the now chapters, the reader doesn’t know what happened then and really wants to find out. What happened to Ella that made her like she is? Why is Sarah strong one minute and not the next? You also switch between victim sympathy and oh wait – perhaps she is bad after all.

This was so cleverly written and so much of a page turner, I could not put it down! It was gripping and I was sorry when it finished. Every time I had worked out the ending, the author switched. So clever!

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