Kindle Unlimited

Have you discovered Kindle Unlimited yet? Do you buy a lot of books? If you do, then you really need this.

I had no idea until recently what it was, I actually thought I was in it because it was there on all the book pages I visited.

It was only when I came to put in my own books I realised you had to join and you get a free month’s trial. So I did.  It’s basically a library with thousands of books. Most of which you normally end up buying. But why buy when you can have them for free?

It allows you up to ten books on your Kindle at one time. So read and remove so you always have space. I’ve downloaded a couple and want to read those before I started looking for more, but usually come across them, anyway. Now I can download without having to pay.

Authors get paid per page you read, so if you get one, read a few pages first, not only does the author see some income, you can decide whether you like it. If you don’t, you just remove it.

All these books are on KU, and if you download them, make sure you read a few pages first!




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