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My Head Just Exploded

Photo courtesy of Deposit Photos It happens now again, and this morning it showered me with words, sentences, and phrases. For the last few days, I’ve been thinking of what to write for a Halloween blog. I decided on a new short story/flash fiction. It came to me how there was only one person for… Continue reading My Head Just Exploded

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My Review of The Conned Lady by Diane Bator

Karen’s Review A friend asked me to read book five of this series. After my earlier let down with reading out of sequence, I was wary. The Conned Lady referred to incidents that happened in a previous book, and there was a vast array of characters to learn. That’s why it’s sometimes difficult, however, I’m… Continue reading My Review of The Conned Lady by Diane Bator

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August Reading List

The Conned Lady is the one I’m starting with the month with, a friend asked me to read it, and I like it so far. I cannot remember where Bad Boys Make Broken Men came from. It is a prequel and just 48 pages long. Infected Waters is the second of a Zombie series. I… Continue reading August Reading List

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My Book Review of Pitch and Pace by Julia Blake

Karen’s Review This is book five of The Blackwood Family Saga. I thought I had read them all, but at the end of this story Isabelle and Nick were mentioned, and I realised I'd missed something. It didn’t matter as far as Pitch and Pace was concerned, although I would rather read them in order.… Continue reading My Book Review of Pitch and Pace by Julia Blake

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About a Book – Andrew Hess – A Scream in the Night.

Introducing Andrew Hess WebsiteGoodreadsAmazon Where did the idea for the story come from? I’ve wanted to come up with a Halloween inspired book for some time. I had a few horror novel ideas but I couldn’t put anything to paper. My agent challenged me to come up with a cozy mystery. I had already written… Continue reading About a Book – Andrew Hess – A Scream in the Night.

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Snow Queen by Ava Quintana

Entertaining and Intriguing Karen’s Magic Review This is another book that was free in the author’s newsletter. It’s a shorter read, and on a topic I’ve not read about before. Ballet is something I know nothing about, so I found it very entertaining. The story tells us about a young dancer who works her up… Continue reading Snow Queen by Ava Quintana

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An Evening With Author Conrad Jones

Conrad Jones is a best selling’ author who has written at least four box sets and numerous thrillers and has even branched out into children’s books. He has thousands of book reviews and millions of fans from all over the world. I was lucky enough to see him in person, and listen to a talk… Continue reading An Evening With Author Conrad Jones

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New Reading List for May

Always subject to change, but this is what I intend to read this month. Infected Waters is from the author’s newsletter, and the first in a series. Catalyst, I’ve been asked to read and review, so I hope I like it as it’s a huge book with over 400 pages. Battle of the Hearts is… Continue reading New Reading List for May

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The Tattoo Murder by Bob Brill

A Cleverly Crafted Story! Karen’s Magic Review I posted about this book on my blog previously and knew I would read it at some point. It took me by surprise with its crime noir style, and Bob Brill's clever descriptions made it easy to envision the actions of the characters. I loved the setting and… Continue reading The Tattoo Murder by Bob Brill

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April Reading List

Here are the books I’m reading in April. There is always room for more should I go through them all and when I post this list at the end of the month there maybe additions or deletions, if I run out time. I’ve read No Hiding Place by Susan Lewis a few years ago and… Continue reading April Reading List