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The Tattoo Murder by Bob Brill

A Cleverly Crafted Story! Karen’s Magic Review I posted about this book on my blog previously and knew I would read it at some point. It took me by surprise with its crime noir style, and Bob Brill's clever descriptions made it easy to envision the actions of the characters. I loved the setting and… Continue reading The Tattoo Murder by Bob Brill

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April Reading List

Here are the books I’m reading in April. There is always room for more should I go through them all and when I post this list at the end of the month there maybe additions or deletions, if I run out time. I’ve read No Hiding Place by Susan Lewis a few years ago and… Continue reading April Reading List

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The Feathered Nest by Ellen Read

Description Murder comes to Norfolk Island, but is the killer after Alexandra Archer’s Tahitian black pearl or a lost illustration of the rare green parrot? The Thorntons mount an expedition to Norfolk Island, a small island in the South Pacific, to study the green parrot and set up research programmes to help protect it and… Continue reading The Feathered Nest by Ellen Read

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Mechanical Mike by Paul White

Karen’s Magic Reviews This book is just thirty one pages long. Perfect for when you’re looking for a quick read. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and when it finished, I wanted more! In my feature #Pictures Telling Stories, I like to choose images that I feel represent the story I’ve read. Set in WW2, it tells… Continue reading Mechanical Mike by Paul White

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Scam by Stevie Turner

Karen’s Magic Review This book was the winner of the Electric Eclectic Novella Competition. It is a hundred and twenty-one pages long and in Kindle Unlimited. ‘Just when you think you know the story, you don’t.’ This is an excellent short read about a woman who was scammed and all the consequences that brings. I… Continue reading Scam by Stevie Turner

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Die For Love by Ellen Read

Karen’s Magic Review This was an excellent creepy story. There were times when I wondered how plausible it was. Would you visit a haunted house when you were told you would die? William was under the spell of Rose who he didn’t believe was a ghost, just as his ancestor Edward did before him. Only… Continue reading Die For Love by Ellen Read

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Best Book of the Year

I’ve had the honour of reading fifty-three books in 2021. Truly a record for me. Now I have to decide the most enjoyable one of the year, and what comes a close second and third There are some stand-out stories, and some I’ve not liked as much. There are long books and short ones, exciting,… Continue reading Best Book of the Year

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The Tattoo Murder

A novel with a new direction by Award-winning author and broadcaster, Bob Brill Released and published by Tuscany Bay BooksThe book is available worldwide digitally The Tattoo Murder” is the story of a U-S Army combat veteran who became a police officer back in his hometown after he’d seen enough injustice in the world.A different… Continue reading The Tattoo Murder

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Bloodmark by JP McLean, a Review

Karen's Magic Review I have been looking forward to reading this book, having loved The Gift Legacy Series. This is a brand new series from JP McLean, and a great start with an imaginative tale.What surprised me is how the author managed to change her writing style. Not once did I think I was reading… Continue reading Bloodmark by JP McLean, a Review

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Shooting Star by Sasscer Hill

When Nikki’s ex-lover Will hires her to protect the horses used to film a movie at Santa Anita Racetrack, she learns evil is alive and well in Hollywood.Keeping Thoroughbreds safe from a director who doesn’t know a horse from a hamster is tricky. More difficult are the unresolved feelings between her and Will, especially when… Continue reading Shooting Star by Sasscer Hill