100 Word Story #24 – Monaco by Audrina Lane

The #100wordstory is just that, exactly one hundred words long.

If you have a story that fits this criteria. Email me, I would love to feature you.

Sunlight filtered across the crumpled covers that half hid his naked body. A fine sight! He was unaware I had woken.

Looking around I saw clothes strewn where they were removed. The trophy on the side, by the empty champagne magnum. That’s why I was so sticky & with hair like a haystack.

In the shower I revelled in the heat, my body ached, my mind relived our pre-race meeting. An extra pair of hands coiled around me.

“Morning champ” I kissed him and in my head, I was back on the Monaco Grand Prix Podium, the first female driver!

Find out more about Audina’s books on her website.

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