Ken Bruce, the Great Debate

I’m prompted to write this because of an article I read recently about the changes at Radio 2. Along with a great many others I, too will miss Ken Bruce.

These days we hear more music on the station that sounds like Radio 1 – songs that are a cacophony of noise and screeches.

I like Vernon Kay, Ken’s replacement, although understand his ‘manic ness’ can sometimes be a step too far for some.

I read the article below and found it fascinating. I understand what the writer means, and the line-up of presenters mentioned reminded me of my mum. That was her line-up, Terry Wogan and Sarah Kennedy etc. I listened because she had always had it on.

I also felt that the station was for older people. It was only later when the presenters were swapped out, pretty much like now, that I started to listen and enjoy it.

I don’t like the current shake up much, the change in music, and the often manic presenters. But at the same time know things have to move forward and cater for the next audience. They are younger than myself and like me, possibly fed up with blare of Radio 1. They are looking for something a little more sedate and plays songs that remind them of growing up. Just like I used to.

The article featured gave me food for thought. Do you listen to Radio 2? What’s your opinion?

Click on image to read the article.

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