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Newsletters, a Great Commodity for Readers

A lot of authors have newsletters these days, and they are a great way to get to know your favourite writer.

I generally join them from Facebook pages, or a link in a book I’ve enjoyed.

Recently I entered a giveaway and had to join a host of authors newsletters. Probably too many, especially when they all started coming in. Not wanting to be overwhelmed, I went through a checklist to choose who to keep.

  • Do they write books I would enjoy?
  • Is the newsletter interesting?
  • Is it professional?
  • Do they have a brand, logo, or tagline?

I love a good tagline. Many of them are inventive and describe what they write, and who they are. I check for these things and chose the right ones for me.

One author said she loved her character so much she just wanted to puke. Ugh. As first impressions go, that wasn’t a good one 😂

Another tried to be different, and in keeping with her erotica novels, succeeded. She talked dirty and swore like a trooper. 😂

However, there are many really good ones out there that I look forward to receiving.

  • Authors who have interesting things to say.
  • And who have a variety of books.

These are some of my favourites.

Sam J. Fires, author of post-apocalyptic thrilling fiction, EMPs, and other world-wide disasters. I’ve read several of her books and love them. She is also very approachable and replies if you contact her via the newsletter.

Karina Kantas, Explosive Writer showcases my Explosive books. She’s mainly written hard-hitting, dark romance, although has fantasy too. I’ve enjoyed her books.

Danielle JacksPlaying for the Heart. She has a great newsletter and has lots of books to choose from. I’ve read several of them.

Julia Blake, describes herself as An Author for all Seasons. She is multi-genre with several series. They are terrific, I love her books. She doesn’t technically have a newsletter, but there is a link is to her blog where she posts about her life each week. That’s always entertaining. Her books are there and you can subscribe.

Ellen Read is another great writer with lots of books including series, and standalone stories. She has just started her newsletter and I really like her.

Alathia Morgan, Fantastic Fiction. She writes great Zombie books and has several series. One of which I’m slowly making my way through.

Norns Triad Publications, my publishers. ‘Weaving stories readers love’ our newsletter is unique and different to every other I’ve received. I feel it is more of a magazine for bibliophiles. Full of interesting book related content.

Can you recommend a good one?

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