Poetry, shortstory

Totally Devoted

A little story I wrote in poetry form about obsessive love

Sometimes at night I walk out late
And stop outside your garden gate.
I know what they say is true,
The things they say about you.
They say you’re outspoken and loud
That you’re always heard in a crowd,
They say you’re not afraid of a fight
And what you do isn’t right.
I listen to the things they say.
I heard what they said today.
Rumours spreading around town
Talking about what went down
But it wasn’t you, it was me.
I was at the bank stealing money.
I watched you work, don’t you see?
So alike, that’s you and me.
I want to be like you
Be tough and hard too.
To be able to say what I feel
So why don’t we make a deal?
I want you to notice I’m here
Because it’s not you I fear
It’s me as I know I’m worse.
It comes from you, this curse
I hope you’ll understand
And let me give you a hand.
I’ve proven I’ll not be a worry
Better a friend than adversary.
I think we’ll get on just fine
You and me given time.
We can work together
Always now and forever

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