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Book Review – Bid For A Bride by Ruth Ann Nordin

Where did I find it: this is the second book of the South Dakota Series, and after loving the first one, I went straight on to this.

What I liked: once again, the gorgeous cover. I also like that Brian had a handicap and his blindness didn’t stop him being a perfect book boyfriend. It didn’t impede him and made me consider my own perceptions of life without sight. I loved Brian’s parents, Eliza and John, too. They are from Loving Eliza, the first book.

What I didn’t like: how some family members can be so cruel to one another. The person you think would love you the most, in fact, hates you.

Overall: another enjoyable read. The author has an inspirational way of writing. Life is tough in cowboy times and the strong sense of community holds people together. It’s an easy to read story that will appeal to those looking to lose themselves in a great series. Each story is standalone, but deals with inter-connected characters.

This book is part of a series of three.

South Dakota Series (3 book series

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