Natural People

Over the Christmas period I watched two programmes that I really enjoyed.

The first one was the multi-talented Luke Evans who hosted his own show. If you don’t know him is is a Welsh singer and actor. He has a great voice and the show was entertaining.

One of his guests was Leann Rimes. I love her. She has a stunning voice. When she came out to perform I noticed how beautiful she was. She chose to portray her natural self and it was such a refreshing change. She wore no false eyelashes, just mascara. Her make up wasn’t plastered to her face either, and her hair, not ironed straight and flat like so many are. Instead, it was bountiful and long, with stray strands waving freely.

How quickly we have become used to seeing fake beauty. I much prefer the natural look. That’s where the real beauty lies.

The second thing was a programme on Tina Turner’s life. Two middle-aged guys chatted about their appearance on tour with her. I was shocked to find there were from the eighties group Heaven 17. Glenn Gregory and Martin Ware did not resemble the cool young guys from back then. (Who does?)

But, it was such a delight to see people as they really are, and that even our icons age.

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