On a Roll

I’ve been posting every day for over fifty days. It’s a record for me. Previously, it was thirty three. My aim was to surpass that, and then I just kept going. Now I wonder if I can reach a hundred.

Truth is, I’ve enjoyed writing different topics, and sharing some of the super posts from the Reader on WordPress. (Only available if you are a WordPress member.) They are often interesting and inspirational, like the last one I posted from Ruth Ann Nordin.

A few days ago, I was scheduling ahead, confident in the fact I had posts ready to take me well into January. Then one vanished from my draft section and published instead. Naturally, I presumed I’d accidentally done it. Then during the day, I scheduled the next two – carefully and correctly- and they both published.

I didn’t have a post for today, hence this one. I also just noticed that post on the 30th December failed to publish. It happens occasionally, so that broke my roll and I’m back to the beginning!

As I like to also post an image, I thought I would share this one. I talked about it in July 2021 in a post entitled One Died, One Comatose.

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