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A Photographic Walk at Holyhead

I live on the island of Anglesey. Yesterday was New Year’s Day, and today dawned with beautiful pale blue skies. The odd cloud scuttled it’s away across as I did my chores. Washing, cleaning , and putting away the Christmas decorations. It suddenly occurred to me that the weather is so changeable. This afternoon it could cloud up, besides the chores would wait.

So I abandoned half done jobs, and loaded the dogs in the car and off we went to Holyhead.

Holyhead is at the top of the island and the main ferry port to Dublin in Ireland. You can see one of the big Stenaline ships sitting at the port on the right of the picture.

Just above you can see the breakwater, built between 1846 and 1873. It’s the longest in Europe and you can walk to the end where there is small lighthouse. A second ferry is on its way into the port and just visible above the wall.

The beauty of walking in Holyhead is they have a promenade to stroll down. Once you reach the bottom, there is a slight uphill walk that takes you to the top. The views from there are always stunning.

Here I am at the top and sunken garden is always well looked after by the local council. This large grassy area stretches between the bottom promenade and the top pavement. It makes a lovely circular walk.

As I made my way home, I passed the entrance to the ferry port and cars were pouring out from the ferry we saw at the other side of the breakwater. Usually there are plenty of lorries disembarking and vehicles with Irish number plates. This time it was solely cars, and the majority had English number plates. I suspect it was all those returning from their Irish Christmas break.

I hope you enjoyed my photographic tour and the blue skies cheered you up.

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