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A Snow Leopard for Christmas by Lisa Daniels and Scarlett Stone

Christmas themed books for me this month and I wondered where to find them. Then I remembered how there are themed book on our Norns Triad Publications website. I particularly wanted a short read but came across holiday themed. I found A Snow Leopard, and as a bonus it was 109 pages long.

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A Good Little Story

This was perfect for I wanted it for, a quick entertaining read. I hadn’t read the description when I downloaded it. Just saw a Christmas theme and word count. I didn’t think about it till I saw the words Billionaire Playboy that it would be erotica.

I’d not read any of that for a long time preferring more content. But, have to say there was just one instance towards the end of the book, once the characters had got to know each other – and I skipped over most of it.

As for the storyline, the plot was simple, girl meets boy, but ex boyfriend stalks her. I enjoyed it. Well written and good characters show that plots don’t have to be complicated to entertain.

There are nine books in the series, all contain a shifter, and are of similar length. They cover Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine, and St Patrick’s Day.

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I thought losing my job was the worst part.

But getting played and duped by my ex-boyfriend really took the cake.

Because of him, I’m back in this small town, trying to find a new job before Christmas.

And the only person who can give me that job happens to be a sexy billionaire shifter with a history of being a playboy.

He’s got his sights on me, and I can’t pretend he’s not the highlight of my new workplace.

Maybe I’m wrong for not trusting him, but if there’s one thing I learned from my last relationship.

It’s that snow leopard shifters never change their spots.


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