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National Child’s Day

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Celebrate this day by recognising your child’s ambitions and goals in life. Some children know exactly what they want to be and aim in that direction.

As a child, I had no ambitions and no clue as to what I wanted to do in life. It wasn’t the done thing for parents to encourage children in the seventies. Instead, at sixteen, we were sent to the Careers Office for help to steer us in the right direction.

When my children were young in the nineties, my daughter was clear at the age of seven she wanted to be a police officer, and failing that, she wanted to marry one. She did both. My son, like me had no idea what he wanted to do. He had plenty of short term jobs until he finally settled on one and rose through the ranks doing very well for someone without ambition.

Today there is more help than ever before with social media and the internet. Children can search online for careers and find out information at the tip of their fingers.

What to Do After Leaving School: A Guide.

Follow the link above for options of what you can do if you are about to leave full time education.

Below is a digital drawing, a cross stitch and a couple of pencil sketches. The latter two were done in 2020 whilst I was still learning.

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2 thoughts on “National Child’s Day”

  1. I worked as a career councillor for a number of years. It was so wonderful to see young people (and older folks) follow their dreams or help them find something that worked for them. We all have to work so it’s important that it is in something that matches our values and personality. I love how both of your children did well. So have mine.


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