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My Review of Signal Moon by Kate Quinn

Karen’s Review

I came across a review of Signal Moon on prolific reader, Julie Northup’s blog. You can read it below. It appealed to me and sounded like something I would enjoy.

This short story runs to just over fifty pages long and tells of Lily and Matt. The later lives in 2023 and Lily, a WW2 decoder is from 1943. They meet on the airwaves, a voice from the future and a voice from the past.

I absolutely adored this book. It was well told and kept me gripped from the off. How could they avert a disaster? Could that even be possible? I learnt a lot about those code breakers, without it becoming technical. The same for the present days ‘listeners.’

Every word in this story counted for something. It made me frown, laugh, and yes, there was a point where the words swam in front of my eyes.

History lovers, time travel, and romance lovers, will adore this book. It’s well worth a read, and well worth the five glowing stars I’ll be giving it.


From the New York Times bestselling author of The Diamond Eye comes a riveting short story about an impossible connection across two centuries that could make the difference between peace or war.

Yorkshire, 1943. Lily Baines, a bright young debutante increasingly ground down by an endless war, has traded in her white gloves for a set of headphones. It’s her job to intercept enemy naval communications and send them to Bletchley Park for decryption.

One night, she picks up a transmission that isn’t code at all—it’s a cry for help.

An American ship is taking heavy fire in the North Atlantic—but no one else has reported an attack, and the information relayed by the young US officer, Matt Jackson, seems all wrong. The contact that Lily has made on the other end of the radio channel says it’s…2023.

Across an eighty-year gap, Lily and Matt must find a way to help each other: Matt to convince her that the war she’s fighting can still be won, and Lily to help him stave off the war to come. As their connection grows stronger, they both know there’s no telling when time will run out on their inexplicable link.

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