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My Review of Rambling Rose

Karen’s Review

This is the third book in a trilogy. The first Becoming Lili, the second is Chasing Daisy. The books are about a group of friends and this one tells the story of Rose.

Because it was a while since I read the previous ones, I struggled with remembering who everybody is because there was a lot of them. Although the same characters also appear in this book, I can’t recall whether or not Rose did.

However, none of that mattered. I soon picked up on the friends and became invested in the plight of Rose. Living hand to mouth is tough, because Paul, her husband, decided their marriage was over. He gave Rose four days to take her daughter and leave

Her good friends rallied round, and Tom offered her the use of his cottage. Getting a job is daunting and trying to earn enough money to pay the bills and put food on the table for is very tough for Rose.

Along side this, we’re also told the story of Martin and Amy, who also both appeared in the earlier books. Although Rose, and her affection for Tom is the main topic, Amy’s story is poignant and absorbing as she and Martin have their own challenges to overcome,

This is a wonderful book. It’s a story to love and lose yourself into. The lives and loves of this special bunch of friends make it a heartwarming one.

It is a large read and we as the reader, live alongside the characters. With them, we laugh, cry, and celebrate every step of the way as they do.

I loved it and highly recommend it. As with all in the series, Rambling Rose can be read as a standalone. I give it the full five stars.


The wonderful and heart-warming conclusion to the epic Perennials Trilogy, Rambling Rose will thrill and satisfy fans of the series.

Trapped in a loveless marriage by a controlling husband, Rose has endured for the sake of her daughter. Suddenly cut adrift, Rose must now build a new life for herself and Jessica. Relying on the kindness of Lili and her friends, Rose struggles to survive – learning that material things are not truly life’s essentials.

Having escaped one gilded cage, should Rose risk another?

Happy to offer Rose and Jessica the use of Sycamore Cottage rent free, and angry at the way she has been treated, Tom realises the feelings he has for Rose have the potential to become so much more. But Rose has been burnt by one man and this time it’s Tom’s heart that’s in danger of being crushed.

Meanwhile, tragedy awaits to devastate the life of one of Lili’s found family and have far-reaching consequences for another member of her tribe.

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