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Have I Read this Before?

Next year, I’m altering the focus of my blog. One of the things changing is book reviews. Instead, I’ll be doing book series. More on that in the coming weeks.

However, I was making graphics for a series I’ve started and came across The Perennial Trilogy by Julia Blake. I adored the first two books – Becoming Lili and Chaining Daisy but couldn’t find the review for Rambling Rose. I checked Goodreads and Amazon, but it wasn’t there. Had I forgotten to review it?

It’s been at about two years since I read the series. Could I fluff a review? I remember how utterly mesmerised I was by the story. At one point Rose was locked in a bathroom by her husband. She was desperately scared and in a bad way. It was heart-wrenching stuff, especially when eventually her friends rescued her. It literally broke me. A story I’ll never forget.

The other option was to read it again and that’s what I’m doing – except now I don’t think I’ve read it. I checked Amazon and saw it only came out in March this year. So I was mistaken and that devastating scene must have been from Chaining Daisy.

Either way, if feels fresh and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

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