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My Review of Grip of Evil by Sam J Fires

Karen’s Review

Wow, so much happened in this story, and the penultimate one before the series ends. There is a siege at the hospital, which started in the previous book. That comes to a conclusion, there is a madman on the loose, who thinks he’s the Enlightened one. Nathan shows up again, and Issac finds out the truth about his mother.

It’s such a cracking series, and as I turned the last page something happened that had me race back to Amazon for the last one. Aghh! It’s on preorder and I have to wait till the end of October, sigh.

I imagine the author’s pen has been on fire these last few months writing these books. This really has been an enjoyable series and Grip of Evil takes the story to a new level as it rises to its climax.

Apocalyptic lovers will certainly enjoy this series, and best of all Sam J Fires is a prolific writer, and several other under this same banner.


Before, there was ordinary life. Now, every minute is a fight to survive.

Finally, Isaac pours his heart out to Cass about his troubled childhood.

Larger than life personalities clash in Meadowview, and tragedy strikes again. How much more can this small community take before it implodes?

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