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My Review of Grip of Madness by Sam J Fires

Karen’s Review

Life in Medowview is almost becoming intolerable in this book five of the End of Days series.

It lived up to its title of gripping. Marshal law in the shape Militia have taken now over the town. I mentioned that the two main characters Charlie and Harper hadn’t met in the previous book, but they have now as Charlie helps Harper at the hospital. Difficult when supplies are running low.

Cass, Issac, and Daisy the dog have finally arrived from Portland and it took two very tough long weeks, including a horrific amputation.

It’s such a great series and am really enjoying the post apocalyptic times, from my warm and cosy armchair.

A highly recommend this story, and all the books in the series.


Isaac and Cass continue their harrowing journey, and are forced to perform an act they’d never dreamed they would ever have to do in their lives.

Meanwhile in Meadowview, tensions are rising as tragedy hits the community. And Harper discovers that all is not what it seems in a place she’d once thought was sleepy small-town America.

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