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My Review of Grip of Fear by Sam J Fires

Karen’s Review

Another cracking read from this new to me author. I loved the Murder and Mayhem series, and this one was on my list. However, as soon as I saw the book trailer I had read it next.

Cassie and Isaac are strangers, they come together to walk the highways to the same destination. The power has gone down, and all machinery has stopped. That includes cars, which are still on the road, some owners still waiting for help.

Cassie and Issac must negotiate this as well as getting to know one another. Throw into the mix a jealous ex boyfriend, a snow storm, and the story ramps right up.

I loved this book, dare I say even more that the previous series? I can’t wait to get my hands on the next to see what happens to our intrepid heroes.

Apocalyptic lovers will enjoy this as much as I did, plus, it’s another quick read novella that pulls no punches.


No lights. No power. No help.

During the coldest winter on record, an EMP attack wipes out the nation’s power and cripples the country.

As the city spirals into lawless chaos, investigative journalist, twenty-six-year-old Cassandra Drews is forced onto the dangerous streets of Portland to begin the long walk to her parents’ home in Oregon.

But hypothermia and starvation aren’t the only dangers Cass and her rescue dog, Daisy, face on their perilous trek. Danger is stalking them, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Help comes in the form of troubled ex-marine Isaac Winters, who slips back into soldier mode with the city’s collapse.

Now, the trio must work together in a fight for survival as they race to escape the city before violence, or the bitter wintry storm can claim them. Do they have what it takes to make it out alive? Or will they be crushed by the brutality of the unforgiving cold?

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