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#amreading Boy Meets Girl by Stephie Wall

Each time I read a new book, I make a graphic and share it onto social media. When I’ve read it, I change it from #amreading to book review.

I’ve now realised that the graphic often has no resemblance to the story. So I’ve created a generic template for #amreading, then swap it to find a graphic that represents the book. Besides, I like the above, the girl reading and leaning on a stack, represents me and my love of fiction.

A few years ago I won a signed paperback from Stephie Walls. Metamorphosis, was a stunning read, the ultimate romance, with something shockingly wicked hidden in the plot. I’ve never forgotten it, and a few years later I read it again. Just the thought of it now gives me the shivers, and I wouldn’t rule out reading third time!

As you know, I read a lot, but strangely haven’t read any of her other works.

Most of us know Facebook how works, and how it doesn’t show us all the pages we’ve liked. At some point I must have liked the author’s page, but never saw it again. Then, the other day, a status update appeared and announced a new release.

Boy Meets Girl piqued my interest as I remembered Metamorphosis. I knew I was going to love it, then I saw the description.

One of my favourite subjects in a story is rock star meets ordinary girl. (In this case a Country & Western singer.) There are very few of those stories around, so I was delighted when I saw the description.

The author knows how to write endearing romances with gritty, compelling, storylines. So far this book is that.

Review coming soon.

In the meantime, I wrote a short story about a rock star, and you can download it for free here.

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