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My review of We, the President, by Sam J Fires

Karen’s Review

The last of the four book series of Murder and Mayhem and the story was brought to a great climax.

Too many books like this end up with all hope lost, mankind defeated, and life sucks. It often makes me think, what’s the point?

Not this one! There will be no spoilers here, although I will say the manic president gets his just desserts. How it happens and what happens is unexpected. We have to have hope.

I’ve really enjoyed this series. Small, satisfying, and extremely entertaining, what more could a reader want? She is my new favourite author and I will be checking out her other stories. I’m pleased to say there are lots of them.

I highly recommend these to all readers who want a fun, fast read.


It’s Election Eve in America, and for Thomas J. Spade, President of the United States, and his band of ravenous loyal followers, his victory to become the first dictator of America is well in hand. Nobody knows the truth behind the cataclysms that have plagued the planet, or the reasons behind the genocides. Nobody that is, but the President himself. Or so he thinks.

But there’s a new movement on the horizon, a new hope. Brooklyn Lewis and Cole Denvers, both survivors of the world’s recent events, know the truth behind his destructive nature, his destructive gift. He is a superpower unto himself who will stop at nothing to be the supreme ruler of The New World Order. But there are others out there with powers as well. Brooklyn for instance, who is about to put her hat into the political arena, with the help of her own uniquely special gift.

Two forces of the mind are about collide and only the winner will take all.

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