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My Book Review of Pitch and Pace by Julia Blake

Karen’s Review

This is book five of The Blackwood Family Saga. I thought I had read them all, but at the end of this story Isabelle and Nick were mentioned, and I realised I’d missed something. It didn’t matter as far as Pitch and Pace was concerned, although I would rather read them in order.

This is a cracking series, and this one is definitely my favourite. (I actually said that last time too!) I loved the characters, particularly Kit and Adam. I find stories that include rock stars very appealing. What’s more is that it involves much more than a great romance. There is a mystery to solve, and a killer is on the loose.

I loved how the author used chapter headings. Each one is a piece of dialogue uttered by one of the protagonists.

I know that if I choose Julia Blake book, I’m going to be thoroughly entertained.

Romance readers will love this, especially if they love macho men who care for their women and families.

This deserves five plus stars if there was such a thing, I loved it!


Sometimes, the rhythm of your life must change so your heart can beat to a new tune

Kit Blackwood’s career as an opera singer looks set to take her to the stars until illness destroys her passion forever. Devastated and unsure what to do with her life, Kit seeks refuge in the family-owned cottage in Yorkshire. With its happy memories of family holidays, Kit hopes time alone will bring clarity.

Reconnecting with her childhood friends Claire and Jason, and rescuing the stray mutt, Wolfgang, Kit is shocked to hear of the vicious killing of two local women. Suddenly her haven doesn’t feel so safe.

Then there’s her mysterious neighbour, Adam. A newcomer to the village, he seems friendly, but Adam has secrets and, like Kit, is trying to re-evaluate his life. Torn between her feelings for Adam and the local vet, Jason, Kit has no idea of the nightmare awaiting her on the wild moors.

Pitch & Pace will set your pulse throbbing to the rhythm of a dangerous passion that will not be denied.

A fabulous and fast-paced suspense that will have your heart pounding in tune with danger, Kit’s story is one of music, murder, and a mysterious stranger.

Pitch & Pace is book five of the fabulously exciting Blackwood Family Saga – which tells the individual stories of the strong men, and even stronger women, who make up this eclectic and eccentric clan, and their bumpy road to finding true love.

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