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National Teddy Bear Day – Sept

Click the image to celebrate today

Did you know Teddy bears are named after the American President Theodore Roosevelt? I kind of did, but didn’t know the circumstances.

It is said that whilst out shooting in 1902, the President refused to kill a bear cub. As we say today, the story went viral. The following November a Teddy caricature appeared in the Washington Post. It became an instant hit, and the Teddy bear was born.

The largest collection of teddy bears in world, as of 27th April 2019 is 20,367. They belong to Hungarian Istvánné Arnóczki.

The Guinness Book of Records

Over the years I’ve stitched lots of teddy bears. Some went on children’s quilt, others as birth samplers. I’ve stitched many Winnie the Poo’s as I love doing those.


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