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A Review of Ignite by Nicole Fanning

Beautiful, Violent, Compelling and Emotional.

Karen’s Review

This is the second book in the Heart of the Inferno series. It tells the story of Jaxon Pace and Natalie Tyler, their romance, and his mafia empire.

Just like the first book Catalyst, it contains tender loving moments, explicit bedroom scenes, and horrific mafia violence. At times I gasped out loud at an unexpected turn of events. Or, my breath hitched when something beautiful happened.

There’s no doubt this author is a gifted storyteller and cares deeply about her books. The editing, plot, and formatting were all impeccable.

I love her use of capital letters to express rage or high emotions. She doesn’t just say gunfire, she literally interrupts a conversation with BANG! Not only are the characters shocked, but the readers, too.

If you thought you would take a break from reading, you won’t, you can’t. This is a page- turner.

What I didn’t like, and I said it with Catalyst, it that it should have been two books. For a voracious reader like me, it felt overwhelming at times. What more could the author tell? Well, plenty actually. There were no wasted words, scenes, or actions. The story filled every one of those 561 pages.

So who would like to read this? I would say readers who love to get their teeth into a great series. Gritty, powerful, romantic, and full of action. It will satisfy the desires of a variety of readers.


I love you…right, wrong, or insane.”

She never expected to fall in love with a mafia don.
He never expected to fall in love at all.
But will their love be enough?

Four weeks ago, Jaxon Pace, the billionaire “Don Supreme” of Chicago’s underground mafia syndicates, took a bullet. This bullet was meant for the woman who stole his heart, the beautiful Natalie Tyler.

Overwhelmed by the horrors she witnessed in Chicago, Natalie chose to return home to Miami, leaving the broken and brokenhearted Jaxon Pace to recover on his own.

A month after her visit, Natalie’s heart still belongs to Jaxon…And you better believe The Don Supreme is coming to collect HIS woman. But Natalie has a surprise for him: She is pregnant.

However, his enemies will give the happy couple no reprieve.

Especially, Jaxon’s presumed-dead ex-girlfriend, Rachel…and her psychotic brother, Michael.
They are the leaders of Chicago’s newest mafia clan, the Two-Headed Dragon.
The Two-Headed Dragon has one goal: the complete destruction of the Pace Family Mafia.
If successful, they will destroy the mafia hierarchy that has guided Chicago’s underworld for a century, sending the city into complete chaos.

Will Natalie & Jaxon’s love be enough to defeat the dangers of the present…and the demons of the past?

Filled with exhilarating highs, steamy romance, and heart-pounding suspense, Ignite is the second of THREE installments in the Heart of the Inferno Series. It picks up where Catalyst left off and we join our favorite mafia couple as they fight for each other in a world filled with deceit, depravity, and unspeakable darkness.

It will have you cheering for true love and gripping your seat, unable to put it down!

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