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Love, Life and Regret by Danielle Jacks

A heart-warming story!

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I picked this up in the author’s newsletter. They are a great way to find good books, not to mention often free.

Wanting something light and easy to read, this story fitted the bill perfectly. Freddie and Kristie are the two main characters, and are husband and wife who are estranged. It seemed impossible for them to be together due to their jobs.

Having read Beyond Rhubarb, a romantic story, I knew I would enjoy this one. Although, it did get a little hot when Freddie and Kristen realised they still loved each other!

There was nothing I didn’t like with this book. All the characters were good, the plot intriguing, and the writing excellent.

This is a novella, and perfect for those romantics who want an enjoyable short book


Love, Life and Regret.
A second chance short story.

Love is a complex four letter word.
Life is the path we choose for ourselves, but can come with sacrifices.
Regret; when love and life don’t quite fit.
Love, life, and regret is a story of second chances when marriage doesn’t mean happily ever after.

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