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Trust in Me by Sienna Carter

Karen’s Magic Review – A Hot and Sizzling Read!

I picked up Trust in Me from one of the many newsletters I receive. It was a free book from a reputable download site. The description and cover appealed to me as I enjoy a romance.

This is a new author to me, I haven’t come across her before, and she writes succinctly and its easy to read. I liked the characters, particularly Trace who was a perfect book boyfriend.

Aimee is a professor working on a secret project. When there a threat against her work, her sister assigns her a bodyguard. This is book 2 of the Hawkeye series. Had I known that I wouldn’t have read it, but it turned out to be standalone with no clue that I had missed anything.

The thing I really disliked was that nowhere dis it say this is erotica or that it has strong graphic content. However, this does have a storyline apart from that, and content doesn’t appear until halfway through the book.

Those who love hot alpha men will no doubt enjoy this entire series. It is probably one of the better ones, only because the author writes extremely well.


Protecting people, safeguarding secrets… For the men of Hawkeye, the line of duty between bodyguard and client isn’t meant to be crossed.

Trace Romero is part savior and absolute sin. Together they ignite unexpected and beautiful chaos.

Trace Romero lives on the edge, taking risks and thriving on danger. When his boss’s little sister’s life is danger, he’s tasked with his hardest mission yet—keeping her and her secrets safe.

Trace’s abrupt arrival turns Aimee Inamorata’s carefully constructed world upside down. The dominant and infuriatingly arrogant man is exactly the jaded type of alpha male she’s spent a lifetime avoiding. Now he’s sleeping under her roof, telling her what to do, and leading her into temptation.

The madman determined to end her is much closer than anyone thinks. Aimee will need to learn to trust Trace before it’s too late—for them both.

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