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March Reading List

What a treat March has been with my chosen books. It was a month of series. I mixed it up so as not to read one after the other, plus one new author and one old friend.

Courageous Fairy Tales, I found because the author also chose to publish each of the heroine’s adventures as separate books. I read Cinderella first and then wanted to read them all.

Fourth Quadrant is the second of the of The Wyoming Chronicles. Dissolution was the first of this apocalyptic series. W. Michael Gear and his wife Kathleen are prolific writers who, I’ve only just discovered. I’m sure I’ll be reading one of their joint books in the future.

Rebirth is the second of the Burning Tree series by Christopher Artinium. This is another apocalyptic book, and I discovered Salvation on Instagram. The books are so entertaining that next month I shall be reading the third.

Red and the Wolf is another fairytale retold. Somebody recommended Vivienne Savage as an example of how good romantic fantasy could be if written well. Again, the second of a series with the third one ready for next month. Once upon a Spell is the series name and Beauty and the Beast was the first book.

Kind is a short story that a saw reviewed and decided to read it too. Lastly Mechanical Mike is one of the few books I hadn’t read from Paul White. This is novella is from the Electric Eclectic brand of books where you can find a wide range of shorter stories.

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