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First Touch by Teyla Branton

Karen’s Magic Review

There is a good reason this novella has over six hundred ratings on Amazon. It a terrific story.

Imprint is what the strangely named heroine Autumn Rain reads. By placing her hand on an item she can pick up the thoughts of whoever touched it. It’s an interesting basis for a story.

Autumn teams up with a detective named Shannon to help on the case of a missing child. The hunt is page-turning as we learn more about Autumn and her barefooted life.

The author explained at the beginning that this is a prequel to a series. Readers had wanted to know how Autumn and Shannon first met. So she wrote Autumn and Shannon’s story.

I received the ebook as a free gift from Teyla Branton’s newsletter, but you’ll also find it on Amazon as a free download.

It’s well worth reading, and just like a mini novel.


Can she find the missing girl before it’s too late?

Detective Shannon Martin believes Autumn Rain’s gift is a hoax. But he is desperate to find the missing little girl. Can they put aside their differences and find her before it’s too late?

Autumn Rain didn’t always possess the ability to read emotions imprinted on objects. If you’ve enjoyed the Imprints series or are just beginning the adventure, you don’t want to miss this new prequel about Autumn’s first case as a consultant to the Portland Police Bureau. See how she came into her ability, and how Detective Shannon Martin reacts when he realizes this crazy so-called psychic might just be telling the truth.

“For fans of Medium and Ghost Whisperer.”

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