Cult of Dracula #4 by Rich Davis

Karen’s Magic Review

This is fourth book I’ve read of this series, and if you enjoy a bit of horror and gore this has a lot of it. All in thrilling and vivid pictures, that tell an intense story.

My interpretation of the book is represented in pictures. It is not a standalone story. You need to read them all.

In pictures telling stories it begins with a scene from hell for one of the Dracula women to enable her to go back to the real world and wreak havoc. When she comes face to face with one the original film crew, she plays coy, as if she is in trouble so he will go to her. The priest sees through her charade and holds up his cross in an attempt to banish her. Things do not go to plan. The sculls represents mass murder as the vixen on the left goes on rampage.


Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme and blood… so much blood

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