Cult of Dracula #3 by Rich Davis

Karen’s Magic Review

This is book three of the series, and the story has become more graphic and more intense.

In the pictures telling stories above, I’ve given a small interpretation of the story as I see it.

Daughters of Dracula are featured and it was creepy and chilling. I felt there was something dark from this first picture. It reminded me of those old Hammer House of a horror films.

Lucy, who is featured in the earlier books was turned by being bitten at a ceremony, and afterwards she wants to go hunting, even though they thought it too soon for her. The photo of the deer represents that.

There is a ruby red river of body parts, like a horror pit. I felt this was a river of lost souls and the hands show that.

From what I could ascertain the cult leader, it not what he seems and has eternal life because he was shown driving a car in 1945, one similar to this model.

Then lastly, the comic strip is to continued.

This book was even more intense and gory than its predecessors. But because they are cartoons it didn’t seem to matter and wasn’t offensive. It’s clever because a lot can be picked up from just one picture. I found myself admiring the artistry, too. It was vivid enough to bring the story alive.

As for actual the storyline, I found it hard to follow, and lost track who was who. Three books in, I didn’t want to start going back through the others to find out. I did, sort of get the gist of it, and maybe it’s all that’s expected from these type of books.

Can a story be told without words? Yes. It provides and alternative to those who struggle, or just dislike reading. Stories should be universal and in many forms. This is just one of them.

We all want to be entertained, and this does exactly that.

Ask anyone from rural Appalachia, there are just some roads you don’t go down if you know what’s good for you. That old saw has both literal and figurative means.

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