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Garkin, Book One of The Uluru Legacy

Karen’s Magic Review

In my feature Pictures Telling Stories, I give my interpretation of the story I’ve read.

It starts on a plane from America to Australia with Amelia, the main character on her way to see the mother who gave her away at birth.

At this point, Amelia has no idea what awaits her, or of connection with the hyenas shown in the picture above. She is soon introduced to Roan, who isn’t quite what he seems, and love blossoms between them.

There are no kangaroos in this story, but I added them to show the country it is set in.

Amelia is taken to underground caves and what happens there will change her life forever.

It was a great storyline that had a few distracting grammatical errors with punctuation, but nothing that can’t be fixed, especially when you have such a great plot.

I liked the relationships between the characters, especially with her newly found sister. I particularly like the way it ended, and now can’t wait to read book two.

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