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Christmas in the Scottish Highlands by Donna Ashcroft

This is my last review of 2021, and the last book I’ve completed. See my year in books here.

Many years ago I used to watch TV soaps. I loved the gossip and a glimpse into people’s everyday lives. Whose marriage was in trouble? Who had mischievous teenagers? And more controversially, which neighbours were having a secret affair?

Nowadays the soaps are entirely different. Each storyline becomes more far-fetched than the previous one. Characters constantly scream abuse at each and it’s as far from real life as it’s possible.

Christmas in the Scottish Highlands goes back to those early days of what happens in other lives. The plot is about people and their relationships with each other. Falling out, falling in love, loneliness, and abandonment. Heart-wrenching and heartwarming at the same time, just like real life. All set during the Christmas period.

I wanted to read a Christmassy story during the festive period and this had everything. A nativity play, lots of snow, a donkey, a romantic big castle all set in the charming fictional Christmas Village.

A new to me author, who has written several books with similar themes.

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