Cult of Dracula, #2, by Rich Davis

Karen’s Magic Review

I had to reread the first book to remind myself of the story as this is a continuation. Second time around, I found that I picked up on things I missed the first time. The good thing about a recap is that it’s easy to flick back.

After my refresher, it seems I forgot about the beginning, the prologue. It set the scene for what was to come – murder!

Things that didn’t quite make sense in the first book I now picked up as the story revealed itself and I became familiar with the characters.

This is a totally different concept to a book full of words. The illustrator and writer have to work together to bring the story alive and make sure the readers understand. It was also interesting that on reading the credits, it is not just the author and illustrator. There is a colourist too. The colour and the shading is just as important to bring the characters alive.

The pictures above show the lodgings offered to the film crew, and they are warned to stay inside. The cult leader is charismatic and good looking. I imagine him to be slightly hippyish, and this picture captures that. There is a detective on the case, lurking in the background trying to discover what was going on. Meanwhile, the film crew were ordered to stay inside, because a ceremony was going on, and there was also splats of blood appearing in the following pages.

However, I’m still not sure exactly what is going on myself as it is more difficult to follow without the words to explain. Book three is coming next…..


Behold! The coming of the Brides of Dracula! They are the heralds of fear, the weavers of fate and the executioners of the blood goddess’ will. Lies lead to secrets which lead to mysteries as Special Agent Malcolm Bram delves deeper into the Ordo Dracul.

Lucy chooses a path that changes her life forever. Mina Murray finally comes face to face with the enigmatic leader of the Cult of Dracula and the demon that haunts her nightmares

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