100 Word Story #8 Warning by John McGilvrey

The #100wordstory is just that, exactly one hundred words long.

If you have a story that fits this criteria. Email me, I would love to feature you.

by John McGilvrey

Steve lowered his stethoscope.

“What’s up doc?” grinned Bill.

Steve hesitated. He and Bill had forty years of friendship on the old mileometer.

“Let’s just say your B.M.I. is parked firmly in the obesity bay”

Bill raised a hand as he left the surgery, “See you doc”

“I  sure hope so” Steve murmured.

Bill drove out of the parking lot, heading downtown. Ten minutes later he passed his favourite hamburger joint. He slowed down and then suddenly floored the accelerator, casting a nostalgic glance in the rear view mirror as he did so.

And that’s when he hit the truck.

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