100 Word Story #6 Seance on a Wet Afternoon by Susan Champion

The #100wordstory is just that, exactly one hundred words long. Not a word under or a word over. Can you meet the challenge?

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Séance on a Wet Afternoon
by Susan Champion

My mother had three sisters. We called them ‘the aunts’. There was Aunt Mable, Aunt Agatha and Aunt Penelope. 

They often used to come to our house at the weekend, and we’d go for walks or play board games if it was wet.

This weekend it was raining hard, and we were deciding what to do.

“How about playing Ouija board?” Aunt Agatha suggested.

“Not under my roof!” my mother exclaimed, “I don’t want to meet my dear, dead husband!”

“I would have liked to hear how he died,” said Aunt Mabel.

“Have your say aunts

“Monopoly?” suggested Aunt Penelope.

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