100 Word Story #5. The Headache by Sahara Foley

The #100wordstory is just that, exactly one hundred words long. Not a word under or a word over. Can you meet the challenge?

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The Headache
by Sahara Foley

Deb laid on the couch, a towel draped over her tired eyes.. Too much screen time had put a strain on them.  Her throbbing headache made worse by the sun streaming through her patio door.

A hot pain ran up Deb’s arm.  A bug had bitten her on the wrist last night, and now, it was beet red and pulsating to her heartbeat. Then, it stopped.  And so did her heart.  WTH?

Suddenly, her cat, Cleo, hissed and jumped off her chest, yellow eyes wide with fright. 

Deb’s stomach rumbled with hunger.  Licking her lips, she knew what to do.

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