100 Word Story #1 Allan by Karen J Mossman

This is the start of a new feature on my blog. #100wordstory is just that, and exactly one hundred words long. If you have a story that fits this criteria. Email me, I would love to feature you.

When Allan’s wife passed. His days became lonely. He began to take long morning walks.  

In his long grey coat and a woolly hat, Allan was lured by the excited voices of children playing. 

Standing outside the school gates, his eyes misted. Their animated voices and laughter brought light to his life.  

How he loved his daily walks.  

One day a policeman knocked on the door. Someone had reported Allan as suspicious. “I’m afraid you can’t hang around schools these days.” 

When had life lost its innocence? Allan wondered. 

Life lost its joy once more and Allan died soon after. 

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