Larougo, Book Two of The Uluru Legacy

The Legacy continues in the award winning second book of The Uluru Legacy Series.

As new truths come to light, and new evils make themselves known, not everyone will survive.

  The vision for a new Colony is at stake as Amelia and Roan discover they’re part of something even larger than they thought.

A delicious and compelling continuation of the story that captured the attention of audiences earlier this year. A book with bite, that doesn’t disappoint.

Continue The obsession.


The initial response after completing this story: how soon may we expect volume three? And that is a true sign of Anna’s success.
-Grady Harp, August ’21


A vague text and a life-long search for her biological family, sends Amelia on a quest to discover the story behind her heritage. But the family she finds is far from what she ever thought possible. She’ll become something she never thought existed and agree to things she never thought she would. She’ll find a life worth dying for.

In this unique and delicious twist on the genre you love, vampires exist in a secret society, deep within the heart of Australia.

Defying expectations, this debut novel by Anna J Walner, begins the Uluru Legacy Series, and leaves you craving more. A remarkably new experience, that doesn’t disappoint.

The vampire rulebook has changed in this imaginative series that defies expectations. Blending worlds together as a delicious escape in a new and unique way.

Welcome to your new obsession!

Anna is now an International Bestselling Author of The Uluru Legacy Series, “Garkain”. She is also a Barnes and Noble Bestseller, and Bestseller in Paranormal Romance.

She is a mother, reader, and writer of all things.  Her journey is only beginning.

She is also the Executive Producer of The Author Library Network on YouTube.

More information about Anna can be found here:


To request additional review copies or an interview with Anna J Walner, please visit her website for contact information.

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