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The Gift Legacy by JP McLean

It was four years ago that I read a book series containing six books like this one. They are truly special when you come across them. Being a book blogger, I prefer shorter readers, yet these books were over 300 pages long, as were the The Fiona Griffiths series by Harry Bingham. The amount of pages did not matter here, it wasn’t a factor as it is in some books.

Bingham promised to end a speculation about his main character in his books. He didn’t, and its been four years and another book still hasn’t come out.

With The Gift Legacy, by the sixth book, it was rounded off nicely. Everything promised was delivered. There is still room for a seventh, but you will be satisfied with this after completing such marathon read.

The last book in the series is The Wings of Prey and to put it politely is bloody brilliant. I literally sailed through the story because it was riveting from start to finish. I cannot praise it enough.

This time, all the people that Emelynn thought she loved suddenly can’t be trusted, leaving her unsure of how to progress or who she can turn to. Her enemy is finally revealed and it comes as no surprise. The revealing led to one almighty conflict and climax that was amazingly good, and f it was so wonderfully written. The whole story blew me away.

The author, Jo-anne Mclean is lovely, approachable and friendly. She takes genuine pleasure from people contacting her about her stories.

I have received a second, really nice email from her in the shape of a newsletter, and she has given me two free short stories, which I will read in due course.

I must mention the book covers, they are truly beautiful, don’t you think? Each is clever because it is a scene from the story, and the title is also important as that too is included.

You can visit the author on her website where you can purchase all of her books from various retailers. Meanwhile, I will leave you with the link to her profile on Amazon.

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