Fantasy, Thriller

Lethal Waters by JP McLean

324 pages, thriller, fantasy

Karen’s Magic Review

I’m feeling really comfortable with these characters now I am on book 4. I love the author’s style of writing and she really knows how to put a story together in such a vivid way. There are two more to go and I shall have a break and read something else before starting the next one. (Which I did)

Lethal Waters had a completely different feel about it, with Emelynn having her gifts to fall back on, it felt more of a thriller, making it an exciting combination.

I would say the last book was my favourite so far, and as Emelynn moves on with her life, so must we as the reader. We take comfort in familiar characters, but new ones are introduced keeping it fresh and intriguing. This time Emelynn is indebted to the police, and for them to keep her secret, she has to help them with their investigations. She is about to start the first case with the help of Sam, her favourite detective.

Two brothers, their business, and associates are suspected of smuggling in drugs. It’s fortunate that Emelynn ran into one of the brothers in a kayak when he saved her from drowning. He introduces her to his sibling, and she has a hard time believing either of them could be involved and sets out to prove it.

In the previous book Burning Lives something devastating occurred, which I won’t reveal, but the after-effects are still being felt in this story. I felt the loss as deeply as Emelynn did. Cleverly, it is one of the reasons that keeps me glued to the story wondering if it will return in some form.

Emelynn’s relationship with James also continues, and so does the great sex! The exclamation mark is because I went into much more detail in the last review. It’s written in such a way that it feels like downtime from the adventure and toils of the story. A way for her to relax as she would in a bubble bath, but with a little more excitement. Okay, a lot more excitement!

Last time I let you know about the author’s website, and I received a free novella just for signing up. I have no idea what it is about yet, but already I’m looking forward to reading it. The website offers some interesting insights to JP McLean so I thought I would include it again.


A body in the water. A vast ocean. A killer on the loose.

In the midst of a bloody rebellion, Emelynn Taylor exposes her gift of flight to save a man’s life. Now International Covert Operations knows her secret. The powerful organization is willing to cover up the carnage and protect her secret—in exchange for her services.

Her first assignment, a drug case in the coastal city of Vancouver, soon reveals a grisly murder that implicates one of her own kind.

Stalked by the ancient Tribunal Novem and vilified by a distrustful team of detectives, Emelynn takes on a perilous undercover role embedded in a drug ring where anyone could be the murderer.

Intrigue and danger lurk in the cold Pacific, challenging Emelynn’s unique gift and pitting her loyalties against her honour. And her choice is guaranteed to hurt someone.

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